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DENG YUAN Taiwan HM-6181 Water Purifier

৳ 68,500.00
1 Years Warranty.SQL-SLT :DY5DENG YUAN Taiwan HM-6181 Hot Cold & Normal RO + Dispenser Water Purifier Model: HM-6181 Brand: Deng Yuan Country of origin : Accessories from USA Made in: Taiwan Membrane: USA Capacity: 50 GPD Tank Capacity: 20 Liter Tank Warm Water:12 Liter Hot Water: 4 Liter Cold Water: 4Liter Voltage: AC110V/220V 50/60HZ Filtration Stage: Five Dimension:41WX42DX127H CMBrand: Deng YuanMade In Taiwan

Lan Shan RO – LSRO-171 RO Water Purifier(HOT,COLD)

৳ 64,500.00

Product details of Lan Shan RO - LSRO-171 Water Purifier(HOT,COLD)

  • 100% Intact & Authentic Products.
  • Brand: LAN-SHAN
  • Model: LSRO-171
  • Origin : Taiwan
  • Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Membrane: USA technology
  • Capacity: 100 GPD
  • Reserve Capacity: Hot water Reserve capacity : 5L
  • Cold water Reserve capacity : 3L
  • Warm water Reserve capacity : 10L
  • Faucet: Goose Type HOT, COLD & WARM.
  • Installation FREE
  • 1 Year Warranty Including

SURE Smart H2O Hot & Cold Table Top RO-UV

৳ 32,000.00
lWe are producing and supplying of Sure Smart H2O RO-UV with Hot And Cold Floor Standing Dispenser to our patrons. The SURE SMART H2O dispenser is a unique water dispenser that purifies tap water through a 6 stage purification system that includes RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultra Violet) providing you Pure, Clean Hot and Cold Water.Advanced 6 Stage RO water purifier to remove dirt & other harmful impurities Quick Change Filter Indicator Display Food Grade Material No. Of Taps: 2 Taps (Hot & Cold) Cold Water Storage Capacity: 5.6 Litres Hot Water Storage Capacity: 2 Litres Unit Dimension: 41 X 28 X 114 Cms Refrigerant: Non CFC (R134a)