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KANGAROO RO water purifier Details:

KANGAROO RO is the best manufacturer for water purification products in VIETNAM. KANGAROO RO water purifier all the components of this machine are made in VIETNAM, TAIWAN & KOREA. The Membrane is Korean. No need to boil, pure water is just at your fingertips. RO Output: 75 GPD, Input voltage: AC 100~240V/50~60 HZ. This is a very useful RO system along with a built-in inline pressure gauge and a “TFC” brand membrane which is 100% made in Korea. We offer the world’s most modern water treatment equipment “Reverse Osmosis Systems” at a competitive price. Why pay more? Buy from the source and save money! Household Water Purifier in Bangladesh. KANGAROO RO Water Purifier designed for ensuring perfect mineral and increase pH label in your drinking water system. KANGAROO RO water Purifier utilizes the unique properties of a semi-permeable membrane to allow fluid to pass while restricting the flow of dissolved ionic material. This Purifier with pressure applied to impure water on the side of such membrane materials, pure water will pass through, leaving most of the impurities behind. The rejection of the dissolved ionic material is a function of both molecular weight and ionic charge. For example, we can expect a nominal 90% rejection of sodium chloride, which means that the product water passing through the membrane will have a concentration of salt approximately one-tenth that of the feed water. The rejection of calcium carbonate (hardness) will be near 95%, while most metallic salts will be rejected at a rate of approximately 98% to 99%. Also, it’s capable of removing over 95% of TDS,+99% of all organics, and +99% of all bacteria.